Effects Of “stay At Home” And “essential Services” Orders

And New Required Sick/paid Leave Laws; And Cost Reimbursements

There have been several state and federal, and some County rules relating to business closures and paid leave. In short analysis, the practical effect of the state, local and federal laws, programs and orders is that employers should likely cover payroll over the next two weeks based on paid sick leave; and they may then apply for a tax credit.

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Are You an Employee Who Has Been Misclassified?

California Supreme Court Strengthens Employee Protections

For almost two years, employers have been anticipating the California Supreme Court’s ruling in the Dynamex Operations West, Inc. v. Superior Court of Los Angeles case, [Case Nº S222732, decided April 30, 2018), about the critical test as to determining employee-versus-independent contractor status. The ruling was unanimous, and strong for employee protections against misclassification. The Supreme Court employed an updated test which makes it much harder for employers to prove that a worker is an independent contractor, as opposed to an employee.

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The Ryan Plan is a Shell Game

The most insistent GOP rationale and analogy for drumming up public support for its purported deficit-reduction plan, relying prominently on overhauling the federal Medicare program, is that “seniors will be getting exactly what members of Congress get”. The reference is to the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program, in which most members of Congress are themselves enrolled.

Under the Ryan plan, new retirees would be enrolled in the proposed new program, under which Medicare would “subsidize” health care premiums under a voucher system. The vouchers could be used to purchase private insurance. Continue reading…

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